Monday, November 5, 2012

Disney Dolls

For those who don't know, we are going to Disney World in 3 weeks. Since I am an overachiever and a Pintrest addict, I decided to look up as many crafts as I could to make before we go. I came across Lil Blue Boo's princess dolls and fell in love with them. So here started my adventure!

First I decided that I needed ones for my son and my daughter. This meant coming up with my own characters for Korbin, since most of the ones online are superheros. I also thought that I should have 10 for each kid. I made the trip to Hobby Lobby to get the peg people because they were 8 for $3 where as Michaels had them 2 for $2. Total I spent arount $20, but that included 24 dolls, two wooden boxes to hold them, a bag of wooden beads and 5 colors of paint I didn't have yet. I finally had all my items and I just needed to start.

This is my sketch page. I wanted to make sure my new characters where going to work out. Also I needed to check my paint inventory.
Next I sketched outlines onto all the wooden pegs. I would suggest just doing very basics because I had trouble covering some of my smaller lines.
I slowly worked my way through the painting. I did the skin base first on all the characters. Then I started with the lighter colors and worked my way up to the darker ones. I also painted all the characters at the same time. That way by the time I had got the color on all of them, the first one was dry and I could do a second coat.

These are my finished girls! (front)


And these are my finished guys!

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